Long Term Consequences for Short Term Behaviors #nohale

Today, I want to talk about the long term consequences of supporting short term negative behavior. I was so shocked by not only the recent stalking incidents by two authors of negative reviewers, but support by some in indie publishing, of that said behavior. I am sure all of you are aware of the Kathleen […]

Twitter Bombing: Will You Stand Up?

  I am writing again on professionalism—or lack thereof—in indie publishing because yet another incident of malice and unprofessionalism has reared its ugly head. I will write about the ugliness of the handful of unprofessional indie authors I have encountered or heard about until I am blue in the fingers. Why? Because their negative behavior […]

Barnes & Noble Booksigning: Bestselling Author Toby Neal’s Journey

  One of the biggest questions that I get from authors is how to get their books into bookstores AND still make money. It is never an easy question to answer because there are so many factors to take into account. When I saw that a Sisterhood of the Traveling Book author member had done […]

The Professional Troll: They Exist

    Last week my friend Rachel Thompson posted a blog on her site www.bookpromotion.com called, Are You a Writer? Then . . . Write, where she tells us about an author friend of hers who stopped writing after an industry “professional” dished out highly critical comments that were in no way helpful or intended […]

Got Friends? Networking 101 for Authors

  I recently wrote a guest post for Rachel Thompson’s blog Badredhead Media on blogging strategy. While the main focus of that post is on blogging strategy and planning, I also touch on a very important topic for the indie author: networking. While working with new authors, a common theme that comes up is their […]

Fair Use of Copyrighted Material and Book Reviews

  Anyone who has been hanging around the indie world for even the shortest time knows that there has been an uptick in authors threatening book reviewers with lawsuits claiming copyright violation. I shake my head every time I see it. Attorney/Author Sean Keefer has returned with his pithy advice on the subject of copyright […]

Reviewer Databases: An Author’s Best Friend

A couple of weeks ago I discussed WiseInk’s post about indie authors having difficulty finding book reviewers. In earlier posts I explained why I disagreed with their premise that book reviewers needed to be open to reviewing indie works—my disagreement was primarily prompted by abusive treatment of reviewers by some indie authors. I wrote those […]

Copyright – A Basic Introduction

  In 2011, in the early days of Sisterhood of the Traveling Book, I came across the award winning book, The Trust, written by attorney, Sean Keefer. Because the book looked fantastic and I felt it would fit in with our reviewers,  I immediately contacted Sean to become an author member and have not been […]