Vetting Vendors: Public Relations Professionals

    As most of my readers can guess, given my 15 years of business development/marketing experience, public and customer relations are passions of mine. When I see customers put their trust in unscrupulous or inexperienced “professionals” in that field, I find myself not only saddened by it, but angry at the persons passing themselves […]

Vetting Vendors: Blog Tour Tips with Kate Annamal-O’Connell

  Working with authors, one of the questions that periodically pops up is how to locate a good blog tour company and vetting one during the selection process. It is important to note that all book blog tour companies are not the same. Furthermore, once one finds a blog tour company, the author’s job does […]

Finding and Vetting Your Assistant

Clients from Hell

Donna Brown shares her advice in finding assistants and freelancers without breaking the time bank.

Hiring Technical Assistants

 Barb Drozdowich returns to The Author CEO to share her “guruness”. This time in the area of vetting technical assistants. Social media is the mother’s milk to the success of the Indie author. Those unable to master social media or hire the wrong social media consultant remain practically invisible. With so many offering their services […]

What Type of Editor Do I Need? (Part 2) by Jessica Swift Elderidge

  To kick off 2014, The Author CEO’s favorite editor, Jessica Swift of Swift Ink Editorial Services,  is back to educate authors on types of editors and their roles to help ensure that the right editor is hired for the right job.   So you finished your manuscript. You love it. You’ve sweated and cried […]

Vetting Your Editor (Part 1) by Jessica Swift Eldridge

There are many wonderful things about Indie publishing. As in life, though, the bad periodically comes with the good. This series on VETTING VENDORS is intended to help weed out the bad, so indie publishing can continue to be the amazing, ever-changing community of creative people it has come to be, full of people who […]