Vetting Vendors: Public Relations Professionals

    As most of my readers can guess, given my 15 years of business development/marketing experience, public and customer relations are passions of mine. When I see customers put their trust in unscrupulous or inexperienced “professionals” in that field, I find myself not only saddened by it, but angry at the persons passing themselves […]

Why Mentors Matter: The Why and How of Finding Your Perfect Guide

  Mentor: An experienced and trusted advisor (noun) Oxford dictionaries   During a leadership class I took in grad school I coined the phrase, “No one is Zeus on the mountaintop.” What I meant is that no one is truly omniscient in their knowledge base. We are all at different places and phases in our […]

Vetting Vendors: Blog Tour Tips with Kate Annamal-O’Connell

  Working with authors, one of the questions that periodically pops up is how to locate a good blog tour company and vetting one during the selection process. It is important to note that all book blog tour companies are not the same. Furthermore, once one finds a blog tour company, the author’s job does […]

Kindle Scout: One Author’s Experience

  Any one who knows me for a second knows the respect I have for horror AND political thriller writer, Allan Leverone. I gobble up his books, particularly his horror books. Recently, Al ventured into Kindle Scout for his new book, The Omega Connection, and reached out to me to see if I would be […]

Barnes & Noble Booksigning: Bestselling Author Toby Neal’s Journey

  One of the biggest questions that I get from authors is how to get their books into bookstores AND still make money. It is never an easy question to answer because there are so many factors to take into account. When I saw that a Sisterhood of the Traveling Book author member had done […]

Copyright – A Basic Introduction

  In 2011, in the early days of Sisterhood of the Traveling Book, I came across the award winning book, The Trust, written by attorney, Sean Keefer. Because the book looked fantastic and I felt it would fit in with our reviewers,  I immediately contacted Sean to become an author member and have not been […]

Ever Considered Crowdfunding For Your Book Project? Know What It Is?

    As a free market girl who loves the indie world, I have always been fascinated by new ways to make life a bit easier for indie authors. And let’s face it, cash (or lack of it)  is always a big elephant in the room! When I first heard about CROWDFUNDING, I was absolutely […]

Navigating the Shark Infested Waters of Indie Publishing by Alexandrea Weis

I could think of no better way to celebrate Mardi Gras than to invite Indie author Alexandrea Weis, author of paranormal romance and romance novels set in the Big Easy. Her newest release, Cover to Covers, was released last month. Alex has mastered the art of navigating social media, particularly I refer clients to her […]