Bloggers: An Author’s Best Friend

    I’d like to thank Naomi Blackburn for inviting me to the blog today! My name is Barb Drozdowich and I’m the author of several booksthat help authors understand various ways they can promote their books. The book that we are going to talk about today is The Author’s Guide to Working with Book […]

So you want to be an Indie author: Ten things you absolutely must and must not do by Allan Leverone

In my career in the self publishing world, I have met some really awesome people. Successful authors who are paving a way in this wonderful industry. To celebrate the releases of new works by these authors, I have asked them to write some advice that they have found has helped them not only to navigate […]

Perfect Pitch: Query Letters That Lead to Book Reviews by Christine Nolfi

  It never ceases to amaze how writers who can easily pound out hundreds of pages of great prose go dry at the prospect of writing something as simple as a review query. To be sure, boiling down the contents of a nonfiction book or a novel into a few, snappy paragraphs will require the […]

Vetting Your Editor (Part 1) by Jessica Swift Eldridge

There are many wonderful things about Indie publishing. As in life, though, the bad periodically comes with the good. This series on VETTING VENDORS is intended to help weed out the bad, so indie publishing can continue to be the amazing, ever-changing community of creative people it has come to be, full of people who […]

Branding your book? Guess Again!

    Social media guru, Rachel Thompson, is back offering sage advice to readers on the importance of branding YOURSELF-not your books. There is a HUGE difference between the two and taking the wrong route can have a big impact in recognition of future works and cause lots of repairs down the road.   Author […]

5 Myth-Busting Reasons Why Blogging Is The Bomb by Molly Greene

  I love working with Molly Greene. Molly is an expert, guru and the Queen of professional blogging. Her book Blog It! earned a 5 star review ( ) from me for its conciseness and quality of information provided for its readers at a really nice cost for the author or new business owner on […]

Time Management 101: Centralizing Your Social Media

        Authors tell me all the time that they just don’t have time to write and market, that life gets in the way, that writing is their first priority. I also hear that one should ‘only ever tweet live’ (which I disagree with…see more below).   Hey, I get it. I’m an […]

Terri Giuliano Long: Editing Matters

idea formula

Terri Giuliano Long joins Naomi Blackburn to share information on the types of editing and the importance of the process.