Finding and Vetting Your Assistant

Clients from Hell

Donna Brown shares her advice in finding assistants and freelancers without breaking the time bank.

Hiring Technical Assistants

 Barb Drozdowich returns to The Author CEO to share her “guruness”. This time in the area of vetting technical assistants. Social media is the mother’s milk to the success of the Indie author. Those unable to master social media or hire the wrong social media consultant remain practically invisible. With so many offering their services […]

7 Things Every Author Should Do by Giacomo Giammatteo

The Author CEO asked author Giacomo (Jim) Giammatteo to stop by to offer authors his advice for navigating the indie publishing world. Jim is the successful author of several books, including my favorite, MURDER TAKES TIME, and his most recent, NECESSARY DECISIONS, which I am chomping at the bit to read!   This post is […]

Learn to be a Bad Listener by Dan Holloway

  I am thrilled that in my journey in self-publishing, I have come across some incredibly talented and wise individuals who are on their own journey. I consider Dan Holloway to be one of those individuals.  I have read his works,  which I consider to be  insightful and helpful to other authors.  As a top […]

What Type of Editor Do I Need? (Part 2) by Jessica Swift Elderidge

  To kick off 2014, The Author CEO’s favorite editor, Jessica Swift of Swift Ink Editorial Services,  is back to educate authors on types of editors and their roles to help ensure that the right editor is hired for the right job.   So you finished your manuscript. You love it. You’ve sweated and cried […]

An Indie Collective That Works-Triskele Books

Many thanks to Naomi Blackburn for inviting me onto her blog today to talk about author collectives. My name is Liza Perrat, and I am an Australian writer living in France, and co-founder and member of the Triskele Books author collective. The author collective model of publishing is becoming increasingly popular and has been arousing […]

6 Ways Blogging Sells Books by Molly Greene

  Don’t scoff, it’s true. A well-written blog will, in a roundabout way, help authors sell their books, although blogging is not a direct-sale tactic for most fiction authors. Blogging is actually a value-added marketing strategy. Blogging sells you. Blogging makes your name recognizable, builds a community that you “own” (not Facebook!) delights Google, and, […]

What’s in a Name: Writing in Two Genres by Allan Leverone

  I’ve been an avid reader of fiction my entire life. I was a book lover long before I was ever a book writer.   And as a reader, one thing I never understood was why an author would choose to use a pseudonym. Why on earth wouldn’t you put your own name on your […]