You Will Be Missed….

  Normally, I post tidbits of information here on “The Author CEO” to help authors get their books to market, but I need to do something different today. My heart is breaking. This morning, it came to my attention that both a wonderful man and a wonderful author passed away this weekend. James Thompson, author […]

The Kirkus Tool: How Are You Using It?

    Imagine This… You go to the store and see a nifty new tool or kitchen gadget. It’s the hot new thing. It’s on everyone’s ‘must have’ list so you grab one. Now it’s all yours. You can already imagine how much easier it will make your life. So far so good, right? Then […]

An Open Letter to My Amazon Author Troll

 THIS IS THE STORY… I recently had a somewhat disturbing experience with an author troll; it started with a review I posted on Amazon.  The review had to do with the length of the book in relationship to price and made the point that the book was not a good value. After stating my opinion […]

Vetting Reviewers: “Bait and switch” or legit?

    Recently, I received an email from an author asking my opinion on how to “handle” a reviewer. What started out as an innocent offer for a book review turned into a progressive “low key” rant against the author’s work culminating in the insinuation that this author was trying to copy a well-known author. […]

Learn to be a Bad Listener by Dan Holloway

  I am thrilled that in my journey in self-publishing, I have come across some incredibly talented and wise individuals who are on their own journey. I consider Dan Holloway to be one of those individuals.  I have read his works,  which I consider to be  insightful and helpful to other authors.  As a top […]

What Type of Editor Do I Need? (Part 2) by Jessica Swift Elderidge

  To kick off 2014, The Author CEO’s favorite editor, Jessica Swift of Swift Ink Editorial Services,  is back to educate authors on types of editors and their roles to help ensure that the right editor is hired for the right job.   So you finished your manuscript. You love it. You’ve sweated and cried […]

Bloggers: An Author’s Best Friend

    I’d like to thank Naomi Blackburn for inviting me to the blog today! My name is Barb Drozdowich and I’m the author of several booksthat help authors understand various ways they can promote their books. The book that we are going to talk about today is The Author’s Guide to Working with Book […]

So you want to be an Indie author: Ten things you absolutely must and must not do by Allan Leverone

In my career in the self publishing world, I have met some really awesome people. Successful authors who are paving a way in this wonderful industry. To celebrate the releases of new works by these authors, I have asked them to write some advice that they have found has helped them not only to navigate […]