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Normally, I post tidbits of information here on “The Author CEO” to help authors get their books to market, but I need to do something different today. My heart is breaking.

This morning, it came to my attention that both a wonderful man and a wonderful author passed away this weekend. James Thompson, author of the Kari Vaara series and a support to the writing community left us on August 2. I met Jim in 2010, when I first started friending some of my favorite authors on Goodreads. I couldn’t believe that not only did James accept my friend request, but he also corresponded with me. I was simply amazed. Two things struck me about Jim: his humility and his ability to reach out to others—whether they were fans or struggling authors. He had no qualms about jumping in to conversations to talk about books, the writing/reviewing process, and/or Nordic Noir literature in general.

There are a couple of things I can personally thank Jim for though.

Through our love of his works, I met my good friend, Deanna Fisher, when we were tag-teaming a self-centered reviewer who had an ARC of Jim’s new book and insisted on giving away all of the unpublished storyline, with not a spoiler marker to be found. My friendship with Deanna led to the start of our Goodreads Nordic Noir group. Jim was a founding member of the group and was in there interacting with our members in the way only Jim could! I had to laugh out loud at some of his comments.

Reading this post? You can thank Jim Thompson for its existence. In 2012, I was appalled—APPALLED—by one of Jim’s books, Helsinki White. Not only did Jim throw Kari under the bus in the story, he ran him over with it, backed the bus up, and ran him over again! I was so dismayed I gave the book one star review and went on an absolute rant! I was so angry that Jim had done that to Kari that I had to discuss the book with another Nordic Noir reader, who had given the book five stars. I wanted to know how he could walk away with such a different opinion. How could he tolerate Kari being treated so despicably?

I processed my feelings and this person’s response was, “And that’s what makes it such a great book.” At that point it hit me square between the eyes. I rewrote my review and gave Helsinki White four stars. I can still remember the email I got from Jim asking me, “What the hell happened?”

As I explained it to him, he asked me to write a post for his blog on why I changed my mind. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity immediately! Then the fear set in. I had never written a blog post. What was I going to do? Reach out to Terri Giuliano Long, of course. After the blog post was written, Terri asked me to write a bi-weekly series to give authors business advice on bringing their books to market. As they say….the rest is history.

So, thank you for your influence, Jim. You will be missed.






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