When Drive By Reviewers Have An Agenda (and a logo vendor recommendation)


I am writing this post for 2 reasons. The first reason is to introduce my readers to a wonderful new company that I found called The Logo Boutique. The second is to give an example of a drive by review that had an agenda attached to it.

First, some background.  I am President of my library’s newly formed Friends Group. We are a non-profit group whose funds are, let’s say, non-existent. To say that we are running on a tight budget would make those with tight budgets seem like millionaires! As a business development/marketing executive, the only companies I have worked with for logos have charged MINIMALLY $400, which we didn’t have. I approached my son who referred me to The Logo Boutique.  Jonathon had formed 2 companies in 2012 and used The Logo Boutique for both of his logos.  He was referred to them by a company that he was doing contractor work for. They had used them for a million dollar company and were thrilled with their work.  As I went in, I saw that The Logo Boutique charged only $99 for their logos, which included 10 concept ideas and the final files.  As a professional, although the company has won awards and done work for billion dollar companies, such as McDonalds, I will be honest I was a tiny bit concerned with this discounted price and went in to do a Google search on the company. I came across a post that the reviewer ripped apart the company and the work that they had completed.  One other response that concerned me was that one of the executives chose to respond to this “man’s” post and how they had tried to resolve his “issues”.  What they got was to continue to be ripped apart. I showed the review to my son and his response was “Trust me, Mom. These guys were great to work with.” I trust my son, so I moved to the next level.  It could have just as easily gone the other way.


I am so happy that I trusted him. The Logo Boutique has been a wonderful company to work with. Their responses to what we needed were dead on. We had our concepts quickly and within one week had it nailed down as to the final logo concept with some left over tweaking. Unlike most customers, The Logo Boutique didn’t just have to satisfy me. They had to satisfy a Board of 3 members. Each of us had our own thoughts of what this logo should look like.  The logo that we are wrapping up with will be hip, fun and unusual compared to the other friends groups out there. We are a new group and wanted to stress that to any potential members.  This logo will help us get that message across. Going through the process; however, there were key points to this man’s review that I knew were not true and that there were key parts that he was omitting to fit his agenda.


I posted a response on this man’s blog detailing my positive experience. I don’t want to give the blog because I don’t want to give this “unprofessional” blogger any more views. What was his typical drive by response? To discredit my positive experience and call me a liar, of course!  The better one was then to accuse me of being paid by The Logo Boutique for my review TWO AND A HALF YEARS AFTER HIS ORIGINAL POST! That one really had me chuckling as to his keen business sense.  Always keeping it professional because I didn’t want to have him say I wasn’t or when he removed my posts give that as the reason. I let his readers know that his know that his review contained half-truths, such as the number of concepts being shown and that he hadn’t giving his readers a complete picture of the process and that he clearly had an agenda in his review.  Being the drive by reviewer that this man was, I was subjected to being sworn at and then being censored.  So, again I say to my readers…you never know what agenda drive by reviewers have and you will never change that agenda by responding to it. My agenda was not to change his agenda, as I knew that would be futile, but to give readers another side. My thought on this “gentleman” is that he was looking to have his cake and eat it too. Being a small business that was just paying its bills (his words-not mine), my guess is that he wanted his logo free and thought writing a scathing review of lies and half-truths  would make the company do whatever they could to make it go away. In drive by reviews of books, again, those who write drive by reviews have an agenda, normally emotional or ego driven. Their agenda is not your problem until you respond.  Do they sting? Sure do, but most readers can see through an agenda.  This man’s was clear as water to me.

Finally, if you are looking for a logo for your website or company give The Logo Boutique a gander. Most of us in indie publishing, whether it is as an author or vendor, don’t have a ton of cash, especially if we are just starting out. For less than $100, I found for me, this logo company will satisfy what I need and they were INCREDIBLY easy and responsive to work with. I know I plan on using them again, not only for The Author CEO, but for other ventures under the umbrella of Blackburn Publications. Need more information on other reviews, check out more reviews on Reseller Ratings ( http://www.resellerratings.com/store/The_Logo_Boutique) , where they have a 9.9/10 rating after 69 reviews.

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  1. Excellent post, Naomi. And you’ve given me a great source for a logo I’ll need pretty soon. Thanks.

    • First off, I love this place, Jim. They were so easy to work with. I am in the same boat as you. I will be needing several logos very soon and don’t have the $600-$1000 to lay out on a logo. This gets me my logo and looks great. They are an award winning company, who have worked with such companies as McDonalds.

      I think the main jist of my article is that one never knows what agenda has when they write attacking reviews and that it is best not to respond, as this company did to no avail. It simply adds the fuel to a never-ending fire.

  2. Martin Bourne says:

    Naomi, thank you so much for your post. It is great to see people who take time out of their busy day to help others. I had a very similar experience to yours. I was looking for a logo design for my souvenirs shop and found logo boutique online and then started searching for reviews and found the blog you are talking about… After reading his review the logo boutique was not an option anymore, but later on that day I got a call from a representative who explained the process and addressed the issue with that particular blog. I decided to give it a try and I am very happy I did. My logo is everything I wanted and more.

    When my logo was complete I went ahead and posted my experience on that blog and two days later it disappeared. If you read the vocabulary used on the blog you can image the type of person who writes it. They erased my comments just because I had another point of view. That is biased and should not be trusted as a good source of information.


    • Thanks, Martin-

      He is the perfect depiction of those with an agenda that I thought would work beautifully in explaining agendas that they can’t control to indie authors while letting them know that logos don’t have to run them hundreds of dollars. The same applies to small businesses, such as yours.

      I haven’t checked if my information is still up. Given the “character” of the blogger, I doubt it, but I hope that those looking for reviews of The Logo Boutique just don’t go off of his and continue the search.

  3. Working with The Logo Boutique was a very satisfying experience. The process was easy to use and the results far exceeded my expectation.

    My Project Manager – Monica Sanchez did everything I asked for and the results were phenomenal.

    I was so impressed that contracting with The Logo Boutique for other marketing needs.

    Great Job!!

    Greg Williams

  4. Got to admit it is refreshing to get a logo developed as per specs and the Logo Boutique went way beyond what was required..
    Definitely the top logo company I have ever used so far and I’m one happy client and have no intention of going anywhere else..
    Their designs are great, and better yet, the pricing is damn reasonable..

  5. Lisa Farell says:

    Hi!. I’m happy that I found this blog about your experience with thelogoboutique. I’m also satisfied as you, and I write to you because this company designed my logo for my new business and I had tried before with another company that failed me. Thelogoboutique, made ​​several proposals to me in just 24 hours and really captured what I was looking for. Thank you Nahomi and thanks also to thelogoboutique by a splendid job.

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