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I’d like to thank Naomi Blackburn for inviting me to the blog today! My name is Barb Drozdowich and I’m the author of several booksthat help authors understand various ways they can promote their books. The book that we are going to talk about today is The Author’s Guide to Working with Book Bloggers. This book was based on a survey I conducted of 215 book bloggers.


BarbDrozdowichPicIn my experience many authors don’t know the marketing potential that book bloggers hold. Those that do, are often apprehensive to approach them.

Let’s talk about this.

Experienced book bloggers can literally have hundreds of hits on their blog every day. That’s a lot of eyes on your book! These eyes are from all over the world, not just the country you live in. It’s a well known in book marketing fact that books are frequently purchased based on the recommendation from a friend or family member. Book Bloggers have become the trusted source for the readers of their blog from years of recommending books.

Even authors who understand the potential of being recommended by a book blogger, are apprehensive to approach them. This is something that I’ve never really understood. Book bloggers are huge fans. They love books so much that they have created a blog to celebrate them. To us, authors are rock stars! Without the wonderful books authors create, our worlds would be pretty empty!

Here’s a few hints about approaching a book blogger to help you promote your book. First of all, read the book blogger’s posts. Does she read the genre you write in, and does she say nice things about books, or is she frequently unkind in her comments.

Secondly, look at her platform. Does she have anyone to promote your book to? You should be looking for an experienced book blogger with a robust social media platform that she uses to chat about books.

Lastly, don’t approach a book blogger with tunnel vision. There are many ways to promote your book in addition to getting a review. Many experienced book bloggers have a long To Be Read list!

Since many experienced book bloggers have a massive TBR pile and may take months to get to your book, why not consider the other bloggerstypes of features (other than a review) that most book bloggers do to promote your book? Let’s talk about these features!

1)     Guest Post – a guest post is a short piece of original writing that you create for the book blogger.  Most book bloggers can help you decide on a topic, but remember that you are using this short piece of writing to showcase your talents and encourage readers to try your book. Be entertaining, be funny, catch attention.

2)     Author Interview – this involves answering a handful of questions that the book blogger sends you. Since the average post should be between 500 and 700 words, use this as a guideline for the length of your answers. Make the questions your own. Supply the information that you want to give.

3)     Book Blurb/Excerpt – this is exactly what it sounds like. You supply a blurb, an excerpt, cover graphics, social media links and buy links and the book blogger combines it into an attractive post that highlights your book.

4)     Giveaway – a giveaway is a great way to attract attention to another feature. It can be combined with any of the above features. What you give away should be given a lot of thought, however. Although it is nice to reward people who enter your giveaway with a gift card, the ultimate idea is to get people reading your book. Why not give away a copy of your book?

5)     Cover reveal – this is a great way to start the chatter about your upcoming release. Many book bloggers will post just the cover graphic and title so that readers an get excited about a new release.

Whatever way you decide to promote your next book, remember that book bloggers love books just as much as authors. If you are respectful, they are likely to help you with your promotion.

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  1. Great article, definitely good advice for both established and aspiring authors.

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